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Stowaway 5

Stowaway 5

Product code # ST005

The Stowaway 5 is lightweight, with a two-piece chassis and safety locking-pin mechanism designed to disassemble with ease and fit comfortably into most car boots.

The Stowaway 5 is a lightweight 3 wheeled, very manoeuvrable portable mobility scooter fitted with magnetic stabiliser technology which gives increased stability and manoeuvrability in tight spaces. The magnetic castor wheels come into contact with the ground when cornering, allowing for tight space control and movement. The Stowaway 5 can travel at speeds up to 4 mph with a range of approximately 6 miles fully charged and is perfect for travelling on the promenade deck and on those all important excursions. This scooter is highly manoeuvrable making it ideal for cruise travel due to its ability to turn in tight spaces, its ability to fit into the elevators with ease and its stable outdoor performance. The Stowaway 5 fits into cabins without taking up oodles of space and is easy to recharge. With its comfortable seat, stylish look and practical applications, this scooter is perfect for cruising.


Range6.2 miles
Weight (max part)14kg
Weight (max User) Recommended by Mobility at Sea16 Stone