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Stowaway i3 Mobility Scooter

Stowaway i3 Mobility Scooter

The new Stowaway i3 Mobility Scooter has been designed to be lightweight, portable, and simple to use. An excellent scooter which is made for cruising.

This is the new Stowaway i3 Mobility Scooter which has been extremely popular in the USA over the past few years. We think that this mobility scooter is perfect to take on a cruise ship, holidays abroad, use in the local area or take on a plane.It is made from a lightweight, yet robust aluminium. A single lithium battery will provide a travel distance of up to 7 miles. The Stowaway i3 Mobility Scooter is easily foldable. It takes a few seconds to pull the lever in the footplate, and the Stowaway i3 Mobility Scooter will fold to a manageable size. Once folded, you'll be able to store it in a quiet corner of your cruise cabin or hotel room. Additionally, it features a compartment in the floorboard for you to store keys or small personal items, and a USB port so you can charge your devices.

Height34.2 inches (87cm)
Height (Folded)76 cm (27.5
Length36.7 inches (93.5cm)
Length (folded)50 cm (19.6
RangeUp to 7 miles (11.5 km) on one battery
Speed3.7 mph (5.95 km/h)
Turning Radius48 inches (122cm)
Weight (battery)3.7lb (1.68kg)
Weight (max user)20 stone (127kg)
Width46 cm (18.11
Width (handlebars)17.5 inches (44.5cm)
Width (wheels)18.1 inches (46cm)

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