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Case Study: How useful is a Heavy Duty Bed Lever on a Cruise? 

When our customers use our services, it is easy to focus on larger items such as a mobility scooter, powerchair, or wheelchair. However, on some occasions, the little items can make as big an impact and leave customers feeling much more confident.

In this case study, we’re going to focus on our Heavy-Duty Bed Lever.

This strong and sturdy rail enables the user to pull themselves to a seated position independently. It’s also extremely useful to help with balance when standing up or to lower themselves into bed.

The Heavy-Duty Bed Lever can be used on most beds and is secured in place by a fixing strap.

We recently asked our customers, Mr & Mrs Hebben, if they could write about their experience of using the Heavy-Duty Bed Lever. 

Verdict of the Heavy Duty Bed Lever? 

“We usually hire a mobility scooter from Mobility at Sea, but we recently encountered a problem. My husband began to use a bed lever at home when getting up in the morning. However, that one is permanently fixed, so isn’t suitable to take on our travels.

After hiring one from Mobility at Sea, it was already in the correct position when we entered our cabin. It was an excellent addition to our room because it helped my husband maintain some independence and was also handy when the sea became a little choppy.

The Bed Lever helped my husband maintain some independence, as he could stand up from the bed without any assistance. We have now decided to hire a bed lever from Mobility at Sea for every cruise, as it is by far the easiest solution.”

We have a wide range of products you can hire to make your next cruise more comfortable.  Please call 0800 328 1699 to speak with one of our friendly team members or send enquire using our contact form. 

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