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Travel Agents... Why use Mobility at Sea?

Booking a dream holiday for a client who requires assistance or has special needs can be frustrating for all concerned especially if the solutions you can offer are limited. 

With the services of Mobility at Sea, you'll be able to book regular cabins for those customers who need a little assistance, leaving the limited number of accessible cabins available for those passengers with more complex requirements.  

The cruise market has been recognised as being the biggest growth area within the travel industry. 

Whether you are an experienced Travel Agent or are new to the profession, dealing with elderly and/or less able clients can sometimes feel uncomfortable.  Asking those awkward questions can be embarrassing and in extreme cases may cause some people to shy away from dealing with such enquiries. 

By referring your customer to us, you won't need to get bogged down in the complex mobility requirements. Our friendly and professional staff know how each ship is laid out, and the exact measurements for the cabins. Once we know the details, we can start to recommend suitable mobility equipment for the cruise. 

Once your client is confident that they're going to have an excellent cruise experience, research has shown that they are likely to book another cruise within a few weeks of returning. This is proven by Mobility At Sea who confirms a consistent average of 30% monthly booking record for existing clients.

So, what does all this mean in real terms? 

Mobility at Sea provide that "extra care" and attention for your customers 

Servicing all the major cruise lines operating from the Ports of Southampton, London Cruise Terminal, Dover and others, the friendly team at Mobility At Sea understand the policies and operational needs of the cruise providers and will offer solutions to allow your clients' cruise with confidence and safety.

Excellent Range of Equipment 

We have a wide range of equipment that your customer can hire. Each product is carefully selected to provide maximum comfort so that it enhances the cruise experience. In order to find the right product, it's essential that a verbal assessment is carried out. That way, the chosen product can be assigned, delivered, and installed into the cabin. 

The complete range of equipment is diverse – from providing incontinence products and wheelchairs through to adjustable beds and powerchairs.  In some instances, the team will make recommendations and offer equipment that may suit the client better. Prices are not published as some may be influenced by price rather than the correct equipment.  Mobility At Sea has accrued a wealth of experience over the past 5 years so every client benefits from the best advice.

Customer using Cruiser 12A powerchair

"As an example, your client - who suffers from a lack of balance - may want to hire a basic toilet seat raiser may find this more hazardous than helpful.  After a quick chat with the team, it might be recommended that a framed toilet seat raiser could make a huge difference to the clients' confidence. It's all in the little details - what at first seems a simple solution, could cause major problems if the wrong product is booked for the wrong cabin."

If you'd like to refer a client to us, want further information or training then please give us a call on 0800 328 1699. We'd be more than happy to help. 

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