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Cruise tips

We've come up with some handy tips for using your mobility equipment on board to help get the most out of your cruise.

  • If you use a mobility scooter, power chair or wheelchair please DO NOT leave it unattended outside of your cabin at any time. There is a chance that housekeeping will remove it and store it (adhering to health and safety regulations).
  • Charge your mobility equipment every night without fail. It is easy to underestimate how often you use or travel in a single day whilst on board - it can be miles and miles. Each product will have specific charging details highlighted on the crib sheet but if you feel that you need extra tuition we are always willing to run through the process with you.
    Mobility scooter charging options* These images show a typical example of charging options for one of our most popular scooters
  • Accessible cabins may be compulsory to anyone requiring a mobility scooter or power chair so please check with your chosen cruise provider before booking any products. Fire and safety regulations often prevent any equipment being stored in the corridors (some smaller cabins may have narrow cabin doors or walkways restricting access into the stateroom). Bespoke products (including the Cruiser 12A power chair, designed specifically to fold small enough so that storage in a standard / regular cabin is possible subject to availability) can be used to ensure that you can book the holiday of your dreams.
  • Watch your speed. Cruise ships have lots of blind corners and twisting corridors, we would request that you use your mobility product with the utmost courtesy for other passengers.
  • Don't worry if you're not completely confident with any embarking/disembarking procedures whilst using your equipment. The ship's crew can assist you on and off the ship so you don't have to worry. Prior booking direct with the cruise provided may be required.
  • Always keep in mind that the crew are there for you 24/7 - even more so on a cruise than any other holiday. If there's something they can do to make your cruise more comfortable just ask, they will be happy to oblige.
  • Always keep the "help-line" number readily available - sometimes a quick phone call can solve any potential issues. Please note that in the event that your mobile telephone doesn’t have a signal you can always request that the crew sends us an email.

Mobility At Sea can enhance your cruise making the less able - more able.

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