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Find out how your customers could benefit from our mobility services.

For the first time in history, there are now over 14 million people in the UK aged 60 and above*.

Booking a dream holiday for a client who requires “assistance” or has special needs can be frustrating for all concerned especially if, as a Travel Agent, you feel limited to the solutions you can offer.

Whether you are an experienced Travel Agent, or new to the profession, dealing with elderly and/or less able clients can sometimes feel uncomfortable.  Asking those awkward questions, needing to ascertain their exact requirements, can be embarrassing and in extreme cases some may shy away from dealing with such enquiries.

The cruise market has been recognised as being the biggest growth area within the industry for many reasons and due to demand a few Travel Agents now specialise in providing solutions for this sector of the market.

It is vital that elderly / less able clients are offered a full range of services and almost a wrap-around approach.  Confidence and knowledge is key.  Once a client has a positive cruise experience they will continue and often book their next cruise within a few weeks of returning.  This is proven by Mobility At Sea who confirms a consistent average of 30% monthly booking record for existing clients.

For the more traditional Agents servicing a larger aging client base general business practises may need to be adjusted to allow more time for each client.  Research into this less familiar style of holiday will be required therefore productivity of the Agent will decrease. It has been demonstrated that Agents using the services of Mobility At Sea have retained and extended their client base as the whole booking process is more efficient for all concerned.

Travel agents image and beach sceneServicing all the major cruise lines operating from the Ports of Southampton, London Cruise Terminal, Dover and others, the friendly and approachable team at Mobility At Sea understand the policies and operational needs of the cruise providers and offer solutions that ensure your clients' cruise with confidence and safety.

"...every client benefits from the best advice"

The products and equipment available to hire have been thoroughly tried and tested so in practice it enriches the cruise experience. Please be advised that a verbal assessment of the client’s needs is always essential to ensure that the correct product is assigned, delivered and installed into the cabin.  The complete range of equipment is diverse – from providing incontinence products and wheelchairs through to adjustable beds and power chairs.  In some instances, the team will make recommendations and offer equipment that may suit the client better. Prices are not published as some may be influenced by price rather than the correct equipment.  Mobility At Sea has accrued a wealth of experience over the past 5 years so every client benefits from the best advice.

Customer using Cruiser 12A powerchair

An example may be the provision of a basic toilet seat raiser for someone with a lack of balance who may find this more hazardous than helpful.  After a quick chat to the team it might be recommended that a framed one is used – this sounds very simplistic however it can make the sizeable difference to a client’s confidence.  It’s all in the detail – what seems a simple solution could cause major problems if the wrong product is booked for the wrong cabin / client.

So what does all of this actually mean in real terms?

The cruise market has increased considerably, especially for the elderly / less able.  Once happy these clients book more holidays more frequently - due to the provision of mobility equipment they feel more confident and almost at home.

  • Certain equipment can make regular cabins more accessible this means the client doesn’t have to wait for an accessible cabin or compromise on their chosen cruise.
  • The services of Mobility at Sea are paid for, in most instances by the client but can be arranged through the Agent if required.
  • Mobility At Sea can provide mobility solutions for ALL cabins so Agents have fewer restrictions – subject to availability and circumstances etc.
  • Travel Agents retain, and can fully service, loyal existing clients - opening up new horizons and opportunities.
  • Mobility At Sea is always striving to extend the services available - including the provision of Carers for lone travellers and some overseas coverage.
  • New products are sourced globally to meet a growing demand and the team are always willing to assist with any enquiries, offering specialised training if requested.

By keeping all services in your control, gives your clients peace of mind and confidence in their holiday. For you, the process is far more manageable, convenient and you know your clients will be happier and more comfortable.

Don’t compromise on your clients comfort – we don’t…

Mobility at Sea work in partnership to benefit you and your clients. Please contact Mobility at Sea using our telephone 0800-328-1699, or via our contact form found on this page.

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*UK Office for National Statistics, 2011

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