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Cruiser 27

Cruiser 27

Product code # PC027

The range and speed of the Cruiser 27 may vary depending on the weight of the user, terrain type, outside temperature and battery charge. We advise that you plan your route to avoid adverse terrain, inclines, kerbs and steps if possible; if this is unavoidable, we do not advise an incline above 5° and a kerb / step above 4cm (1.5"). If it has been agreed that adjustments are necessary, this will need to be done prior to 1pm on the day of the cruise. Please arrange this with the office.

*Provided model has blue trim.

Anchor PointsNo
Armrest (flip up)Yes
Backrest (recline)Yes (manual)
Battery (removable)No
Battery type2x 12V SLA
Control optionsJoystick (Left / Right side)
Depth (seat)45cm
Extra manual brakesNo
Foot Plates or Foot RestsFootplate
Front Wheel DriveFront drive position
Ground Clearance6.3cm
Height (armrest)14 - 22cm
Height (backrest)47cm
Height (seat)55cm
Height (total)112cm
Kerb climberNo
Lights and hazards fittedNo
Seat (raising)Yes (with tools)
Seat (recline)No
Swing-away joystickNo
Swivel Seat AvailabilityYes
Turning Radius63.5cm
Tyre typeSolid / Black
Weight (max user)136kg / 21st
Weight (total)68.5kg
Width (seat)46cm

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