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Review of the Cruiser 12A Electric Foldable Wheelchair

My wife has limited mobility and normally uses a conventional wheelchair when cruising. She does not need an accessible cabin. Under current safety regulations, she cannot use her own mobility scooter if accommodated in a standard cabin. 

The Cruiser 12A is comfortable, extremely easy to manoeuvre using a joystick and turns on a sixpence. 

On a recent 17 day cruise on Queen Elizabeth, my wife had the use of a Cruiser 12A Electric Foldable Wheelchair. This was delivered to our cabin by Mobility At Sea and was fully charged and ready for use when we embarked. It stows comfortably in a standard cabin.

Supplied with clear, concise instructions and a charging kit it was very easy to get set up and underway. A hint when unfolding the wheelchair is to lift one side slightly so that the wheels don’t stick on the carpet.

To manoeuvre the chair within the confines of a cabin the chair needs to be folded with the drive to each wheel disengaged. This is easily achieved by turning a lever on each motor 90 degrees. This also helps with stowage when visiting restaurants, the theatre etc. 

The battery had plenty of life for zooming about onboard and also for shore trips. An overnight charge ensured that it was fully charged each day. When using tenders to go ashore the tender crews were quite happy to handle the chair if folded.


The Cruiser 12A is comfortable, extremely easy to manoeuvre using a joystick and turns on a sixpence. This was a great asset in restricted spaces such as lifts and when turning in tight spaces. On the control panel above the joystick there were two buttons to increase or decrease the speed. We found it best to set it low initially and whenever stowing the Cruiser 12A. As a precaution we turned the controls off while my wife was getting in and out of the chair. 

By far the greatest advantage of using the Cruiser 12A was the fact that it gave my wife the independence and flexibility to enjoy the cruise. She loved the fact that she wasn’t relying on someone else to push her and could do her own thing.

There is no doubt that Mobility at Sea have pulled out all the stops when offering the Cruiser 12A. It meets the need in providing an electric wheelchair that can be stowed with ease in a standard cabin. My wife loved it and will definitely be utilising it on future cruises.

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