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General Scooter Guide - Using Your Scooter

Enjoy your cruise make the most of your scooter to enhance your holiday. Please ensure to park safely when not riding, especially in busy areas on board.

Getting Started

Ensure the charger has been unplugged from the main socket and the scooter itself. Once seated adjust the tiller, and be sure you are comfortable with the controls.

Operating Your Scooter


Two Ways to Charge

We advise that you charge the battery pack every night.

If the batteries drain too low it is possible that the charger will fail to recognise them and not charge.

The charger unit has a built in safety feature which ensures that the battery will not overcharge.

Always remove the scooter key whilst charging.

The correct procedure when charging any electrical product is to first connect the cable from the charger to the scooter; secondly connect the cable from the other end charger to the wall socket. If the socket is a switched type then turn on.

On non-British vessels, an adaptor may be required. The charger is a 220-volt unit, however, it will still charge if connected to 110-volt outlet however the charge time will be considerably longer.

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